Share your favorite charity

Share your favorite charity


Do you do volunteer work for a charitable association or do you simply want more people to know about a cause that you think is particularly valuable? This page is for you. Share your enthusiasm for committing to helping others. Tell us about your association and what you do for it.

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Proxité est une assocation qui accompagne les jeunes, elle fonctionne en binôme: un filleul (le jeune) avec un parrain ou une marraine (le bénévole). Le binôme se voit chaque semaine pour...

TAMAR, France

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crash charity

CRASH is the construction industry’s charity in UK. They are a unique, practical charity that assists homeless and hospice charities with construction related projects, ideal for Saint Go...


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Wycombe Homeless Connection

wycombe homeless connection

I volunteer at Wycombe Homeless Connection as a shift leader in the shelter during the coldest months of the year. I often work the Saturday overnight shift due to work commitments. This ...


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Associazione teatroeterapia "gruppo le nuvole" onlus

Le nuvole sono un gruppo di ragazzi diversamente abili,di amici,che si incontrano quasi ogni giorno per passare del buon tempo insieme.Noi e i nostri ragazzi:usciamo il sabato sera,andiam...

DAVIDE, Italia

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L'étoile de Martin

l'étoile de Martin

Je soutiens cette association car elle me touche dans mon histoire personnelle et malheureusement elle touche l'histoire personnelle de trop de personnes de mon entourage. L’association s...


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Association des chiens guides de Paris

Chiens guides Paris

Cette association élève et éduque des chiens guides pour des aveugles et malvoyants de la région parisienne. Les bénévoles font partie centrale du fonctionnement de l'école, par exemple, ...

MARIA, France

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Habitat for Humanity Poland

habitat for humanity poland

HFH Poland responds to poverty housing through a number of activities, including construction of new housing, renovations of apartments and institutions, advocacy and micro-loan programs....


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Dysautonomia International


More than 70 million people worldwide suffer from autonomic nervous system dysfunction! The most common form is called "POTS" and it affects six times more people than multiple sclerosis....


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