Organizing a solidarity team-building exercise

Organizing a solidarity team-building exercise


And what if the future of team-building was a solidarity action? Today, you can create stronger bonds within your teams while effectively helping a non-profit association.

There are many ways of doing this. Working in the field to help volunteers, providing a team response to a problem encountered by nonprofits, for example in the areas of IT, accounting, communications, etc. Each team-building exercise provides an exceptional experience involving sharing ideas and meeting other people. It is also an excellent occasion to help with a real need by providing your services to others as part of a natural extension of our businesses.

How to create a solidarity team-building exercise

It is easy. Introduce the concept to your employees and then form a team of people wanting to participate. Define together what you want to achieve: the type of project you want to support, the time you have to devote to it, the skills that you combine, etc.

And then?


Contact either:

 a non-profit association to discuss and agree on an activity corresponding to their needs and your interests. Make sure you take the time to prepare the project with the association.
 an organization that pairs up companies and nonprofits based on their mutual needs. This organization will look after the structure, preparation and project management.

Good to know: you will be covered by the Group’s third-party insurance when you take part in a solidarity team building event.
So, are you in?

Associations and organizations offering solidarity team-building exercises

Contact the associations directly to help them, whether they are nationally or internationally renowned or a local association, near where you live and work and that you know and/or in which you have already been personally involved, or even an association already supported by the Foundation.  

Some organizations, like the Points of Light network, are also specialized in pairing up companies and nonprofits based on their mutual needs. Take a look here and get in touch with an organization in your country!