Donations in kind

Donations in kind


In addition to providing non-profit associations with financial assistance, the Foundation also encourages sponsors and business units to donate materials. For construction, these donations often determine whether a project is completed or not.

Donation in your country

There are certain rules around donating materials, which differ from one country to another. What if you were the director of a business unit, head of a brand, etc., and tomorrow you made such a donation?

> Everything you need to know about donating materials in your country download instructions.

> To learn more about the legal and tax rules in your country, we advise you to contact your usual legal and tax correspondents at the Delegation level.


Suite à une 1ere rencontre exploratoire avec ATD Quart-Monde, ceux-ci  nous sollicitent en mai 2017 pour la remise en état sanitaire d’un logement pour une famille en très grande précarité. Nous décidons de faire appel à Cedeo Ile de France pour convenir d’un don de matériaux et d’ainsi fournir baignoire et tablier, douche et équipement, et mitigeurs de lavabo.

Rueil Malmaison, France

In France, Saint-Gobain Solidarités

In March 2016, the Association of Saint-Gobain Group Retirees created the Saint-Gobain Solidarités non-profit association supported by the Group General Management. This association is open to everyone: legal entities, companies or EIGs belonging to the Group, Group employees or retirees.

The Saint-Gobain Solidarités Association was created to establish lasting and intergenerational ties between employee and retiree volunteers. The purpose is to develop solidarity actions in France benefiting individuals or legal entities compliant with the Saint-Gobain Group’s Environmental and Social responsibility, alongside those actions directly supported by the Foundation.

The Association puts Saint-Gobain Group companies in touch with charitable associations in need of materials. Consequently, Saint-Gobain Solidarités facilitates the donation of Group materials as part of sponsorship projects.

In the two years it has existed, the Saint-Gobain Solidarités Association has been involved in about 15 operations of which eight have been completed or are near completion.

For further information, please contact Bernard Cusenier.


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