Discovering the Foundation

Discovering the Foundation


Rapport annuel fondation 2018

The 2018 annual report is now available !

Trophée fimbacte

An award for the international communication campaign for the Foundation’s 10th anniversary

For the 23rd edition of the Fimbac

Opening ceremony for a Foundation project in Germany

Opening ceremony for a Foundation project in Germany

During Saint-Gobain's Foundation Week, the General Delegation  for Central Europe celebrated a very special moment with Ge

10 years: It’s time to act

10 years: It’s time to act

The Saint-Gobain Foundation is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

In their own words

In their own words

What does it mean to be a sponsor? Who can be a sponsor? Why become engaged and take the first step? What is the experience like and is it rewarding? What else can I do to engage and help the Foundation?


They are the Saint-Gobain Foundation

Our missions

Supporting solidarity projects benefiting local communities

Since 2008, the Saint-Gobain Foundation has been supporting numerous projects run by nonprofits. The Foundation invests to help people experiencing hardship, without work or decent housing. We provide financial support for construction or refurbishment projects to create healthy, attractive, warm, affordable and eco-responsible living places.
Our second field of action is integration through work. Concretely, we enable organizations and associations to train and supervise young adults into or back into employment by learning a trade or profession.
Many of the projects we support have a common goal of living together (day center, intergenerational solidarity, etc.).
The link between the non-profit sector and the company, the Saint-Gobain Foundation is also committed to local communities in the regions where the Group operates.


Working together to create great living place and improve the daily life… of all

More than just a company, Saint-Gobain acts as a community of solidarity entrepreneurs invested in their professional life, united by strong values and with a clear focus on general interest. More than 167,000 employees, representing more than 100 nationalities, are fully engaged in ensuring that our mission and our commitment to reinventing living places and improving daily life applies equally outside the “conventional” working environment.

By sponsoring projects, providing skills and expertise, volunteering, donating materials and many other actions, Saint-Gobain’s employees and retirees put solidarity into practice for the benefit of all. Their engagement makes it possible to build strong partnerships in the communities that have the greatest need. And what about you? Would you like to participe?


Recognizing personal engagement

We want to encourage the solidarity spirit of Saint-Gobain employees, which is expressed in all regions of the world. While sponsoring remains the official status for becoming engaged in a project under the auspices of the Foundation, there are many other ways of providing support.

Right now, sponsors are motivating their colleagues to work with them in the field in order to volunteer or take the time to provide advice in a specific area. For example, they are seeking to help associations that are building a new or renovating an existing building and wanting to install the most efficient solutions to ensure it complies with the latest energy efficiency standards. They can often count on the knowledge of a Saint-Gobain insulation expert. Sometimes, it is a brand or a local business unit that decides to donate materials to an association operating within their region. All these small, but often decisive, gestures are entirely feasible. The Foundation wants to give recognition to all these forms of engagement and encourage those who have not yet taken the step to join the movement. And why not provide assistance on the ground, as part of a team, by organizing a solidarity team building action?


2019 Annual Report

Discover 2018 Annual Report


10 years of action via 10 projects


Les enfants du Vietnam (Vietnam)

The nonprofit Les Enfants du Vietnam (EDV), created in 1999, provides material and human assistance needed by the most underprivileged people in Vietnam, in particular children. It provid...

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Lega del filo d’oro (Italy)

On December 1, 2017, the Lega del filo d’oro project was inaugurated in Italy. For more than 50 years, the nonprofit Lega del Filo d’Oro has been educating and integrating into society ch...

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Graines de Joie (Brazil)

In 2016, the Saint-Gobain Foundation supported a project sponsored by Marie Bailly and Delphine Patoir, to refurbish a creche in the Arbore Seca favela in northern Rio de Janeiro. One of ...

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Prince’s Trust (United Kingdom)

Three years ago, the Saint-Gobain Foundation allocated €140,000 to the British Prince’s Trust, which helps young people suffering extreme hardship (homelessness, addiction, behavioral pro...

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The Children of Nizhny Novgorod (Russia)

In Russia, the Saint-Gobain Foundation decided to support the renovation of a theatre school for hearing-impaired children in Nizhny Novgorod, with the support of the project sponsor Dmit...

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GADI School (GADI association - Mexico)

Carlos Aguilero, “We have a duty to help people living under difficult conditions.” The aim of the project run by the GADI (Grupo Activo Down Independiente) association, supported by its...

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Building social housing (Vlade Divac Foundation - Serbia)

In 2012, the Foundation supported a project run by the Vlade Divac Foundation (the name of a famous International basketball player), and sponsored by Lana Pocuca, Marketing Manager in th...

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Children Rescue (Fresno Rescue Mission - United States)

In December 2011, David Clark, Manager Engineering and Maintenance for CertainTeed in the United States, finally decided to present a project to the Saint-Gobain Foundation alongside the ...

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Future Hope India (India)

At the end of 2010, the Saint-Gobain Foundation was presented with a project run by the nonprofit Future Hope, which looks after abandoned children in the streets of Kolkata (India). The ...

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Dwellings in the Townships (Habitat for Humanity – South Africa)

In 2009, the Saint-Gobain Foundation became involved in the construction of more than 90 homes in the townships in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, for a total amount of €470,000 sprea...

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Our very first project: La Maison Relais (Habitat et Humanisme - France)

The first project supported by the Saint-Gobain Foundation was sponsored by Jean-Dominique Ferey, at the time the manager of a POINT. P outlet in Caen (France). This project, run by the n...

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The Saint-Gobain Foundation has three governing bodies, the members of which are Group managers, employees, retirees and experts.


1 The Selection Committee takes into account the Delegations’ opinions and requests additional information when the applications require. It issues a first opinion.

2 The Management Committee also meets four times a year to examine the projects and issue a second opinion and recommend the level of funding.

3 The Executive Board, comprising Group managers (including the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Pierre-André de Chalendar), Works Committee representatives, and several external experts, meets twice a year. It defines the Foundation’s roadmap and general policy, and examines its activity and accounts, and sets the budget.


At the day-to-day level, the Foundation team receives new project submissions and checks their compliance with the selection criteria. It also helps encourage Group employees become involved and chairs the selection and management committees.

To be accepted, projects must:

  • be run by a non-profit association or organization
  • benefit people experiencing hardship, or who are marginalized or victims of exclusion  
  • be presented and supervised by a Group employee or retiree sponsor who has a close connection with the project
  • be in a country where Saint-Gobain operates
  • be a construction or renovation project, or for the integration of young people through work.

Other Foundations in the world

Certain Saint-Gobain General Delegations or Activities have set up foundations to act more closely with the regions.


The Saint-Gobain Corporation Foundation

In North America, the Saint-Gobain Corporation Foundation operates three programs:

  • “matching gifts”, enabling personal gifts made by employees to NGOs or in favor of education to be increased by around 50%; 
  • “community gifts”, whereby each industrial site established in the USA or in Canada makes a contribution to a local community; donations and initiatives are left for the assessment of the sites, based on their priorities and local requirements;
  • “direct grants”, a program providing direct support for certain non-government organizations for social and societal development, improvement in energy efficiency and preservation of the environment.


The Saint-Gobain India Foundation

In India, the Saint-Gobain India Foundation has dedicated itself to improving the living conditions of the most destitute people by supporting projects connected with education, particularly for young girls. It also operates in the fields of training, health and the environment.


Foundations in the Activities

In France, the Foundation PAM of the Pipe Activity helps young people experiencing social or financial difficulties by providing them with the support of sponsorship provided by company employees.

The Foundation Placoplatre promotes the inclusion of young people by working in the building businesses. It also supports
programs connected with environmental preservation and the development of cultural activities in the vicinity of the Gypsum Activity sites.

Furthermore, all the Saint-gobain sites in the UK and in Ireland participate in the charitable program “Together”, which brings together employees, customers, suppliers and members of the local communities around a solidarity action.