By sponsoring a project, you will become a real ambassador for a non-profit organisation, and a valued intermediary between the non-profit and the Saint-Gobain Foundation. You will be an essential link for the successful completion of the project.

Sponsors present a project on an issue that they care about and request funding from the Foundation. They then follow the project throughout its progress. 

This role implies a long-term commitment.

Who can get involved?

If you are an active or retired Saint-Gobain Group employee, you too can become a sponsor.

It doesn't matter which branch or country you work in, what job you are doing or whether you have previous volunteer experience, you can help people in your local area!

Project eligibility criteria

  • My project is located in a country where Saint-Gobain is present 
  • My project is related to social housing and / or integration
  • My project benefits people in situations of exclusion or financial insecurity
  • My project is supported by a charity or a non-profit organisation
  • The sponsor (or co-sponsor) is located near the project

For a project to get support rapidly and efficiently, the application must include:

  • Concrete objectives with results that can be observed and assessed
  • A detailed budget (resources / expenses)
  • A precise schedule and timeframe

Further information:

  • Projects focusing mainly on health or disability issues must include a social, professional integration or educational dimension.
  • Assessment of the sums requested must take into account the number of beneficiaries.
  • The Foundation does not provide building materials and does not finance operating costs.
  • Projects with strong socially innovative aspects are particularly encouraged (e.g.: solidarity shops, integration of the most vulnerable people through the circular economy, etc.).
  • For professional integration & education projects, it is important to check that the training course leads to a certified qualification.

Sponsoring a project is a personal commitment:

  • Sponsors present a project related to an issue they care about and request financial assistance from the Foundation.
  • They participate in setting up the project and follow it through from beginning to end. The Foundation considers them as accountable for the project.
  • They then spread awareness and promote the project within the Group and with their colleagues.

Key steps in the life of a project

  • step 1

    Sending a form on the dedicated project interface. The Foundation's coordination team decides on its admissibility

  • step 2

    Detailed description of the project via the evaluation grid
    Approval by the country committee

  • step 3

    Approval by the management committee and decision on the amount of budget to be allocated

  • step 4

    Signature of the sponsorship agreement (sponsor, non-profit, Foundation)

  • step 5

    Payments of funds as specified by the agreement (on receipt of invoices)
    Project implementation

  • step 6

    Final audit of the project


I am an active
or retired Saint-Gobain employee

i propose my project

Sponsors referent

Our sponsors are available to answer your questions, share their experience and help you get started.
Do not hesitate to contact them!

  • Emmanuelle Goldité

  • André PIERSON

  • Marc OLAGNE

  • Delphine VILLERET

  • Prithi CHETTY
    South Africa

  • Richard HALDERTHAY
    UK & Ireland

  • Tatiana FERREIRA

    Czech Republic

  • Myrna RAAD

  • Cindy ZHANG

  • Thomas MEHLE



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